About us

I have always had an interest in food.  I was fortunate to be surrounded by family that have a tremendous appreciation for food.  I was raised with traditional fare passed down by generations.  Food has always been involved with any event or family affair.    

I dabbled with food in my teens and received some formal training as an adult.  My background is in nutrition, but I consider preparing and eating food my main passion.  I am not a purist by any means, I simply like what I like and that has been the backbone for all of the foods I prepare. 

I met a dairy farmer (Hank) in the early 2000's and he showed me where our food actually comes from.  Don't get me wrong, I knew where our food came from, but did not realize how delicate a process it was to get from farm-to-table.  From that point on, I experimented with many different recipes using natural ingredients and have often used household members and guests as guinea pigs.

When the Dairy industry fell on hard times in 2009 we decided to shift into the farm-to-table movement.  We raised vegetables, meat & poultry for the farmers market.  We progressed to eventually operating a concession trailer that featured our farm-to-table products.  We vend specialty sandwiches made from our grass fed beef.  Due to tribulations we are downsizing our farm.  We will continue to provide our customers with food from dependable sources.

Along with wholesome food, we also offer traditional fun, Fair food!